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Welcome to the Riding Academy® New Rider Course Page for Old Glory Harley-Davidson!


We are excited that you have decided to begin your Journey as a Motorcyclist here at Old Glory.  We’ve designed our website to make this part of your Journey as easy as possible.  You will find a brief description of our New Rider Course on this page, as well as links to our Registration Page where you will find Class Schedules, Class Availability and On-line Registration.


In 2010, Old Glory Harley-Davidson was the Number One dealer in the nation in New Riders trained!  Here are a few of the reasons we were Number One:


·         We have the best Instructor Staff in the Mid-Atlantic Area– Our Instructors have been hand selected for their experience, their knowledge and their passion for teaching.  All of our Instructors carry Maryland State Certification from the Motor Vehicle Administration, National Certification from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as Riding Academy Certification from Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  Our Instructors have a combined 90 years of riding experience.  Our Instructors are always available to talk with you about the classroom or riding.  Plus, they all Ride!

·         We provide the Motorcycle for the New Rider Class – Our fleet of training motorcycles consists entirely of single-cylinder Blasts.  Each Blast is inspected after every class to ensure reliability and comfort.  Blasts feature a low seat height, front disk brakes and predictable clutch and throttle action for easy learning.  In addition to the motorcycle, we provide Instructional Handbooks, training materials and bottled water on the range.

·         Our classroom is at the Dealership – Being here gives us access to hands-on demonstrations of all motorcycle gear.  Plus, learning about the operation of a dealership and the services provided to Riders by all of the departments is a benefit only offered by a dealership training facility.

·         Riding Academy Students are part of the Old Glory Family – All of our Riding Academy students receive:

o   Invitations to Reunions and Special Events.

o   Discount Coupons for savings before and after your class. 

o   A certificate for points equal to the cost of your course to be added to your Old Glory Loyalty Card.

o   A refund of Riding Academy tuition when you purchase a New Motorcycle from Old Glory H-D upon successful completion of the course.

o   Riding Academy Graduates are invited to special Test Ride Days where Instructors will lead you on the ride of your dreams over the open road!


Harley-Davidson Riding Academy® New Rider Course

Combining Maryland's Approved curriculum that meets or exceeds the standards established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® with the passion of Harley-Davidson, the Riding Academy New Rider Course offers hands-on instruction and real-road experience that can teach you the skills you need to get the most out of riding.


A proven blend of classroom instruction and range riding, the Riding Academy New Rider Course delivers the basics of motorcycle operation in Harley-Davidson style. You’ll learn from devoted instructors certified by both the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and Harley-Davidson® to create a relaxed, supportive environment that fosters camaraderie and confidence. After passing a written and riding skills test, you'll receive a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Card which may qualify you for discounts on insurance.


Upon successful completion of the course and meeting MVA standards, you will receive your Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program Rider Course Completion Certificate for your Class 'M' license right here. There is no need to retest at the Motor Vehicle Administration. 

Individuals with an out-of-state license will not be issued a Completion Certificate.  Out-of-state participants should check with the department of motor vehicles in their home state to find out if they will issue a motorcycle license for a course completed in Maryland.

And now you'll begin a journey that lasts a lifetime.


Because each State may have differing licensing requirements, if your driver's license was issued in a State other than Maryland it is your responsibility to verify that our Maryland State Approved Courses meet your state's requirements to receive your motorcycle license.


If you have questions about our Riding Academy® course(s), enrollment processes, payment procedures or payment plans, please call or email:
301-575-0586 or Brittany.Hall@oldgloryhd.com  

Click Here   to view course calendar and signup online!

Refund and Cancellation Policy

For the Riding Academy® New Riders Course

Old Glory Harley – Davidson of Laurel


Please read, understand and sign the

 Following Refund and Cancellation Policy


  1. If you fail to attend any part of the Riding Academy Class, you will be considered withdrawn from the class and no refund will be given.
  2. Should you have to cancel your scheduled class you will be given the opportunity to reschedule and attend another class within the current riding season. There are no refunds for cancellations.
  3. If you leave or sit out any scheduled exercise or classroom unit for any reason other than medical, you will be considered withdrawn from the course by the Riding Academy instructor and the course will not be refunded.
  4. Once the Riding Academy course has been paid, Old Glory Harley Davidson does not offer refunds.  If you are unable to attend your scheduled class you will have the opportunity to reschedule and attend another class during the current riding season.  Once the current riding season ends you will forfeit the cost of the course.
  5. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. If you are performing poorly and endanger yourself or other students, the instructor may review your performance and recommend that you withdraw from the course. You may also voluntarily withdraw from the course if you do not feel comfortable enough to continue.  Old Glory Harley-Davidson will offer you, for one time only, the opportunity to take another course at the additional cost of $175.00 during the same calendar year. Please note that you have to start a new course from the beginning.
  6. By state law, a student enrolled in Motorcycle Safety Class has to attend all classroom units, and must participate in all range exercises and successfully pass the written and skills assessment in order to obtain the Class M endorsement. .
  7. You must provide all protective gear. This includes a DOT approved helmet (full face or 3/4 helmet only, no half helmets), eye protection, full fingered gloves, long sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants and over the ankle boots.




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